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It’s popular belief that computer game are addicting and turn individuals into dull headed zombies. This allegedly incorrect concept about video games is looked for to be set right by no less than the Federation of American Researchers.

Everyone agrees that repeatedly doing a thing will result in nearly refining the task. Video games by their very nature involve repetition to a big degree. By repeatedly playing a game, the child gets to master the techniques and tricks to win the video game. To win a video game you have to plan and strategize, as almost all the video games are based upon a plot of mysteries and surprises. When a kid playing a video game repeatedly, discovers the techniques and cheats to win the game by trial and error, he’s honing his skills in analytical thinking, multitasking, team building and problem fixing under pressure. These are the qualities that every company is looking for in his prospective staff members.

However, one can’t rejoice that playing computer game will provide him/ her great job, for, not all the video games are so favorably oriented. Except for a handful of games, all others promote violence and destruction. Besides this, none of the video games are curriculum oriented – they teach absolutely nothing about science or math or whatever subject as in the school curriculum. So, the government and the industry ought to invest in tasks to develop games that are subject oriented along with soft abilities boosting.

Among the mentor fraternity, there is a half hearted support for having video games as a mentor aid. While two thirds of teachers interviewed for their opinion believed that the video games would cause “anti-social behaviours”, a large majority thought that they established motor, cognitive and thinking abilities and get particular knowledge. In schools, it is almost impossible to pay personal attention to each of the students and mentor inning accordance with his learning abilities. Today, some educationists think that games have the potential to individualize and allow students to discover at their own pace. Thinking about it, we find children sitting glued to computer system or computer game for hours together, while instructors discover it difficult to keep the attention of the trainees for a full 40 minutes. So, it is clear that visual destination and engaging procedure can be used for much better gain. Perhaps, if there is a video game that is based on a lesson, say history, on the life of Napoleon, children would learn more about the French History much better.

As of now there are only a handful of business games that can be used for education functions. The federal governments of the world and the video gaming industry must fund jobs that help establish games based upon the school curriculum. Utilizing software for teaching is various from utilizing video games. Video game is an innovation that cannot be wished away. It has actually pertained to stay and is eating up practically all the time the kids have to spare.

Doug Lowenstein, President of the Home entertainment Software Association, states, “We would be insane not to seek methods to make use of interactive games to teach our children.” Don Blake, innovation analyst for the National Education Association, says that the teachers need to see games as a way to assist – not as a threat!

The Experts have accepted agree. So, this powerful medium must be correctly utilized and utilized prospectively, assisting in raising a generation that excels in analytical thinking, multitasking, team building and issue solving.