Tip-Top Treatment For Baby Bottoms

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Tip-Top Treatment For Child Bottoms

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Up until recently, mothers have actually had to depend on adult non-prescription antifungal creams to treat their children’ cases of diaper rash made complex by yeast infections. For the first time, a prescription product-Vusion™ ™ (0.25%miconazole nitrate, 15% zinc oxide and 81.35% white petrolatum) Ointment-is available and is indicated and particularly formulated for the treatment of this condition, called diaper dermatitis complicated by candidiasis (DDCC), in infants 4 weeks and older. Verification of DDCC is determined by tiny evaluation for presence of pseudohyphae or fledgling yeast.

DDCC is a highly widespread rash in infants that can trigger excellent pain and distress. Generally, DDCC infections are identified by a rash of brilliant red spots with irregular, raised borders and white scales on the surface. The primary spots are often surrounded by smaller patches and painful sores or blisters.

Babies frequently get DDCC when their diapers chafe and break the surface of the skin, making it much easier for microorganisms such as yeast to attack the skin. Other threat elements for DDCC include diarrhea, prolonged diaper rash, skin hygiene and the recent use of broad-spectrum antibiotics. The condition can happen anytime of year, however DDCC is often set off in the cold weather when making use of prescription antibiotics frequently prescribed for diseases such as ear infections is at its peak.

Treatment options have consisted of using antifungal products, steroids and combination items that are not particularly authorized for the treatment of DDCC or for use on babies.

“With Vusion™ ™ Ointment now authorized for the United States market, pediatricians and skin specialists can prescribe a treatment particularly suggested for the condition that it was developed for which is well endured for use on babies,” said Dr. Mary Spraker, a pediatric skin specialist and associate teacher in Emory University’s Department of Dermatology, who helped in the design of a Stage 3 medical trial of the product. “Medical professionals are not reliant on prescribing antifungal agents meant for grownups that have not been evaluated on kids with DDCC.”

Vusion™ ™ Ointment was developed by Barrier Rehabs, a Princeton, N.J.-based pharmaceutical business concentrated on the discovery, development and commercialization of items in the field of dermatology.